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Alpine Supply Chain Solutions develops strategies, solution concepts and new business opportunities to serve existing and new customers. 

Executive Team

Strategic Partnerships


Managing Principal, Michael Wohlwend spent six years with SAP running the Mid-West Services business, where he was the executive sponsor on 3 SAP EWM installs.  Michael also spent seven years with Manhattan Associates where he was involved in over 30+ installs.  In addition, his responsibilities included RFID in a BOX.  Prior to that as a member of consulting and software firms, he provided supply chain solutions for more than 30 top companies including Technicolor, Warner Brothers/Elektra/Atlantic, Sargento Foods, Johnsonville, IKON Office Solutions, Depuy, Schwarz Pharma, Long’s Drugs, Ross Stores, QVC, eLuxury, Alliance Beverage and Churchill Distributors.


In his 25 years of experience in the supply chain industry, Wohlwend has authored numerous articles for trade publications and has presented more than 70 seminars and speeches at key industry events. These events include National Conference of Operations & Fulfillment (NCOF), Warehouse Education Research Council (WERC), Council of Logistics Management (CLM), ScanTech, Distribution Computer Expo and ID Expo. He has been a board member of WERC since 2008 and Past President in 2014.

Managing Principal

Michael Wohlwend


Ron is a lifelong supply chain professional with a background in Operations, Consulting, DC Design, Optimizations (Network, Transportation, Slotting) and Facility Implementation (Start-Ups, Reconfigures, Site Moves). Ron is a professional that gets projects completed on-time and on-budget (many Fortune 500 companies), a problem solver, a team player who is experienced with high performance teams. Ron works well with everyone up and down the organization.  

Ron does his best when focusing on a challenge whether it is within the four walls or the global network. During his 30+ year career Ron has valued and enjoyed mentoring talent and providing a vision.  Ron is constantly on the look out to cross-pollinate good ideas between industries and business sectors. The value that Ron provides is 'confidence’; Customers and stakeholders have confidence their companies’ goals will be met when working together to understand each other’s obstacles, strengths, and needs.

Expert Solutions Design / Logistics Leader

Ron Rafe

Patrick G.jpg

Patrick is a Supply Chain Engineering veteran who has designed, built and sustained distribution center networks for Fortune 500 companies.  He has a long history of results-oriented solutions in global supply chain engineering, combined with the successful completion of multiple, complex supply chain integrations.  During his 25-year career Pat has honed his skills in the areas of distribution network design strategy, data analytics, construction management, material handling system design, item slotting, facility relocation, Lean methodology, labor management systems and financial ROI modeling.


Patrick has an infectious passion for all things supply chain and utilizes a dynamic ability to manage multiple initiatives to deliver long lasting results crucial to overall supply chain performance.  He quickly immerses himself into an organization’s operations and culture to build trust and a highly collaborative environment to ensure the highest probability of a successful outcome.


Patrick has presented on multiple topics at a variety of material handling industry events.  He is involved with the Material Handling Institute (MHI) and is an MHI Professional Certified in Material Handling.

Strategic Supply Chain Engineer

Patrick Gallagher


Seasoned Supply Chain Technology and Operations Professional focused on driving revenue through enterprise software sales, value engineering (ROI Analysis), and business development. Possess 30+ years of progressive hands-on experience with a broad range of supply chain technologies, including on-prem, cloud-based and SaaS solutions. Deep domain expertise across a variety of solutions sets including supply chain execution, supply chain planning, and supply chain advanced analytics. Experience selling and implementing advanced technologies related to big data, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence. 


Proven track record in roles related to “C – Level” strategic sales, business growth and expansion, value engineering and business case development. Leadership experience in Pre-Sales Consulting, Account Executive mentoring,  product strategy, training/mentoring and management consulting.


Greg serves in various capacities with several non-profit organizations including; Feeding America, Native Americans in Business, Habitat for Humanity and The American Red Cross. Greg has also worked with WERC, Supply Chain Management Group (SCM) and CSCMP. 

Managing Director

Greg Utter

Dave K.jpg

Dave is a very talented and driven supply chain leader with a proven track record of helping others recognize their potential for success and making it happen.  His expertise in managing distribution, procurement, accounting, transportation, technology, inventory production, inventory control, operations and safety projects in the logistics industry gives him a strategic perspective of the business, processes and best practices.  Dave’s professionalism, approachability, tenacity and positive attitude are contagious and afford him a reputation for cultivating high functioning teams that exceed their potential, delivering projects on time and on budget. His management style is based around mentorship and providing an understanding to both executives and line managers. 


Dave’s 30+ years of experience includes planning, designing, and product management for software companies.  This combined with business analysis and implementation experience gives him a unique perspective of the industry.  This experience and knowledge allow him to assimilate new technology quickly and apply it to his projects. He can see the true potential of new processes and technology, and can provide an ROI based on the strength of that knowledge.  He enjoys working in a fast-paced environment and excelling at unique challenges. Dave is a true business partner and critical thinker that leads by example and makes the tough decisions.


Dave continues to expand his management and business analysis skills and knowledge through continuing his certification and serving various roles within the Project Management Institute (PMI) organization and as a representative for an active member of Retail Owned Food Distributors and Associates (ROFDA).  He also serves his heart, soul, and community through his volunteer work with Atria Senior Living and several non-profit organizations: SPCA, Australian Shepherd Rescue, Not Home Alone Program, Habitat for Humanity, 4-H and Boy Scouts of America. 

Supply Chain Consultant and Project Manager

Dave Kressin

A distribution and logistics expert in the specialty retail space, Shekar brings over 8 years of experience architecting and rolling out effective distribution center designs, business processes, operations improvement strategies, and leading operations start-ups from design through implementation and successful transition to operational capacity. Shekar is experienced in performing in-depth alternatives analysis, operations modeling, and bringing a business case driven discipline to his designs. 

Shekar was a key member of the supply chain strategy, solution design, and implementation teams that drove a multi-year supply chain transformation initiative for America’s largest and fast growing beauty products retailer. This initiative resulted in a 65% improvement in supply chain response times, 23% reduction in distribution center labor cost, and a sustainable organization and culture. Supported retail capacity growth from 350 to 1,700 stores and e-commerce growth from 1% to 10% of annual revenues with amazing improvements in accuracy and capability by leveraging technology. 


He was a design team member for 10 Distribution / Fulfillment Centers totaling in excess of 4.3 million square feet. Developed designs that streamlined business processes, organizational changes, systems (ERP, order management, warehouse management/control systems), and material handling equipment while conforming to facility requirements and capital constraints. 

Distribution & Logistics Expert

Shekar Sundaresan

Steve is a trusted champion with a resolute drive to benefit companies in all areas of process improvement. His wide variety of competencies include Voice technology, 3PL services/pricing, warehouse start-up, and carrier price negotiations. Steve has a reputation of servant-leadership and relationship-building that instills confidence, trust and comradery.

With his combined 22 years of Logistics experience, in both military and corporate arenas, Steve has assisted many companies with various initiatives to establish marked improvements. Led one such company to increase the accuracy by 80% and productivity by 39%, enabling the company to virtually send out orders at 100% accuracy. Other companies have had varying needs which include; layout of design of warehouse for storage, pick/pack; evaluation, recommendation and selection of 3PL company for outsourcing; and process improvement.

Steve has been a member of Warehouse Education Research Council (WERC) for 18 years, where he was a President and Vice President of the local Chicago chapter of the WERC. He has been a member of International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) and Mail Services Management Association. Hale has spoken in warehouse conferences, leadership conferences and preformed joint presentation to IWLA on voice technology project. Several articles have been written in trade magazines about Hale and the accomplishments in the area of voice applications.

While in the US Air Force, Steve managed the tracking, shipments and repairs of C130E cargo planes for Pope AFB, NC. He is a proud father of three sons currently serving in the Air Force. His hobby is buying and selling used cars.

Logistics Expert and Consultant

William S. (Steve) Hale